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1) Checking mock-ups
2) Application tables
3) Camera jigs

Company name: SKLOPAN LIBEREC, a.s.

1) Checking mock-ups are used for checking correct glass shapes. 2) Gluing specific components is performed by application tables. These include camera validity checks. 3) Camera jigs provide visual checks of assembled components.

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Product/service description

1) We offer a wide range of glass check jigs. We offer solutions made of resin or aluminium. Testing may be both manual and fully automatic. Mock-ups can check, apart from the glass shape, also the correct mounting of other additionally assembled components such as mouldings.
2) Application tables provide a wide range of applications according to customers’ wishes. They can perform gluing of plastic components on glass, at the same time, they can perform a final check of the correct positioning by using a camera.
3) Camera jigs are usually a part of other functional units and they can detect errors in the previous assembly process phase. The camera checks that all assembled components are present and in the correct positions. In the case of an error, the nonconforming component is rejected.

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