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Bus ducts – power plant generator outlets,
Arc-suppression coils – Petersen coils,
Steel structures for power engineering.

Company name: EGE, spol. s r.o.

Bus ducts are special types of conductors for high alternating current rating values which are characteristic especially for power plant generator outlets.

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Product/service description

EGE provides a comprehensive range of activities in the field of production and installation of bus ducts including consultancy, designing, studies, construction, production, assembly, commissioning, author supervision at construction sites, service, reconstructions and repairs. EGE’s range of products includes all types of commonly used bus ducts with air insulation. The power range of EGE bus ducts reaches 25 kA for naturally cooled IPB and 50 kA for forced cooled IPB.
Arc-suppression coils serve for compensation of capacitive currents at earth connection in the electric network. They are connected to the distribution network node. Chokes made in EGE are continuously tuneable. The basic technical requirements for products meet the IEC 60076-6 standard, the arc-suppression coil design is adapted to customers’ requirements.
Lattice masts for HV and VHV overhead lines, construction of switch plants, lattice transformer stations.

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