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Consultancy services, seminars and software in the field of finances and financial risk management and analyzes of large amount of data in various sectors.

Company name: Advanced Risk Management, s.r.o.

ARM provides its services particularly in the field of credit, market, operational and liquidity risks. It provides its know-how for its clients including financial and non-financial institutions and thus contributes to their stability and prosperity.

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Product/service description

ARM specializes in consultancy, training, software development in the field of finances and financial risks and also in analyzing large amounts of data in various sectors. It provides its clients with an expert approach to the identification, measurement, management, methodology and control of financial risks and financial management as a whole. ARM organizes specialized seminars prepared with the participation of its experts and other specialists in the sector. The seminars reflect the expertise and knowledge acquired during the work on consultancy and software projects. Seminars include a number of case studies and calculation examples to teach participants how to apply their knowledge in practice. Apart from providing expert consultations and trainings, the company has developed its own software solutions for automating tasks in the area of credit, market, operational and liquidity risks. Based on the requirements of its own clients, it also develops customized software applications.

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