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Design of products and water management structures
Provision of comprehensive services in the field of water management
Removal of environmental burdens
Plastic production

Company name: Vodní zdroje Ekomonitor spol. s r.o.

We provide comprehensive services from preparatory and design activities and drawing up opinions and expertises to realization operations for structures and specific projects including our own plastic production.

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Product/service description

Design: water purification plants, waste water treatment plants, water mains and sewers, hydro-geological surveys, drilling and renovation operations, revitalization projects, other own plastic products, etc.
Water management services and structures: water purification plants and waste water treatment plants, sewers, searching and building water sources, water monitoring, hydro-geological surveys, landscape and water courses revitalization, potable and waste water sample analyses, radon removal measures, etc.
Environmental burdens: comprehensive services from design and realization of survey operations, renovation technology projects and contamination spread prevention to drawing and removal of burdens and subsequent monitoring.
Plastic products: biological treatment plants, septic tanks, aeration towers, light liquid separators, tanks, etc.

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