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Domestic glass, laboratory glass, pipes, apparatuses

Company name: KAVALIERGLASS, a.s.

SIMAX glass falls to the group of clear “hard” borosilicate “3.3” glass, it is recyclable and has an excellent thermal and chemical resistance in compliance with the international standard ISO 3585. The SIMAX glass melt meets stringent sanitary demands.

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Product/service description

Domestic glassware – the SIMAX range is divided to 4 groups – Exklusiv, Collection, For Kids, Vases. The glassware can be used in households and also in public catering facilities. The glassware is non-porous and highly resistant to thermal shocks, it does not absorb any flavours and smells. From the range of laboratory glass we offer bottles, measuring glass, funnels and filtrations, ground glass products, glass laboratory apparatuses, microbiology, test tubes, laboratory supplies and burners, laboratory supplies and glass metering pumps, desiccators. We offer a wide range of pipes from the outer diameter of 4 mm up to 250 mm with a standard length of 1.5 m. For special projects we can offer also larger diameters of pipes. Glass apparatuses and glass devices for chemical and technological processes are applied in all industrial sectors, agriculture and health services.

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