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Ekopanely boards
Ecological and economical wooden buildings using Ekopanely boards
Ekopanely boards production technology

Company name: EKOPANELY SERVIS s.r.o.

Ekopanely board – a building board made of natural fibres without using binders Wooden buildings made of Ekopanely boards – a system of Ekopanely boards also allows to build a complete construction of houses Technology – production line

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Product/service description

Ekopanely boards are unique building elements made of pressed wheat straw (rice straw or reed and other natural fibres). At a high pressure and temperature, a straw core is compressed first and then recycled cardboard is glued on it. Ekopanely boards are used mainly in civil engineering in the form of partition walls, false ceilings, wall facings, and also as elements for the construction of entire family houses. Ekopanely boards have excellent fire resistant parameters, an excellent accumulation capacity, thermal and sound insulation parameters and they are puncture proof.
Wooden buildings are characterized with excellent thermal and sound insulation parameters, competitive construction and usage costs, they do not overheat in summer and keep heat in winter.
The Ekopanely boards production technology is a suitable solution for the housing and industrial development of regions in connection with biomass processing in agriculture. The technology is not demanding for space and operation, making high quality ecological products.

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