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Electron tubes for industrial applications and transmitters, vacuum switches, vacuum bushings, and spark gaps.

Company name: TESLA Electrontubes s.r.o.

Electron tubes for use in industrial HF generators for heating in quenching, dielectric heating, plastic welding, wood, biomass and textiles drying, for CO2 lasers of Trumpf and other brands, and electron tubes for Izodent devices. Medium-wave broadcast transmitters.

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Product/service description

Industrial electron tubes with power up to 250 kW of anode dissipation, made using the glass-metal or ceramics-metal connection technology. Our industrial electron tubes currently serve our customers in more than 30 countries all over the world across all sectors.
Vacuum switches – with a nominal current of up to 500 A and a rated voltage of up to 6.6 kV. Their main application is in vacuum contactors for switching power circuits with electric motors or power capacitors. Applications in distribution networks and the mining industry.
High-voltage spark-gap – a two-electrode vacuum switching element. The filling and configuration of electrodes are adjusted according to users’ requirements to spark-over voltage and other parameters. It is primary designed for use in the ignition devices of turbine motors or as over-voltage protection.
Custom production of electron tubes and vacuum bushings.
Medium-wave transmitters with the possibility of digital transmission.

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