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Hot rolled sheets
Coiled sheets cut to measure
Welded tubes and squares
Sheet burnouts
Welded steel structures

Company name: METALSOURCE

Hot rolled sheets: Grades S235, S275, S355 in variants JR/J0/J2/J2C. P235GH, P265GH, P295GH, P355GH, C40, and C45. Cuts of coils: Grades S235JR+N and S355J2+N Welded strucutral tubes and squares: Grades S235JR+N and S355J2+N

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Product/service description

Hot rolled sheets from stock and new production (rolling). Grades S235JR+N, S355J2+N, boiler plates, C45, and others. Sheet thickness from 10 to 250 mm, in some cases up to 600 mm.

Coiled sheets cut to measure: grades S2351+N, S355J2+N.
Dimensions: thickness: 2-12 mm, width: 1 000-1 500 mm, length: 3 000-12 000 mm

Squares and structural welded tubes: grades S235, S355. Dimensions: from 25x25x2 mm to 120x120x6 mm.

Sections: I, U, H, L – euro sections. Grades: S235, S275, S355.

Sheet burnouts: Grades: S235, S355. Laser, acetylene, plasma, oxygen cutting up to 600 mm in thickness.

Weldments: welded frames, shells and structures of machine tools and industrial machines, hall structures, welded elements of bridge structures, power engineering structures, industrial furnace structures, conveyors, vessels, etc. All production according to design documentation.

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