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Our product lines include products for complex care for all types of skin. We make collagen gels, skin creams, skin masks, skin milks and lotions, etc. In super-standard quality.

Company name: IVEN Cosmetics spol. s r.o.

Our partners are not only beauty parlours, wellness and SPA centres, but also perfumeries and specialized shops with premium cosmetics.

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Product/service description

Our products are divided to several product lines.
1) Basic line – divided to dry and oily skin. It includes daily cream, night cream, eye cream, and also skin mask and skin lotion with skin milk.
2) Exclusive line – offered as a gift cassette – includes daily, night and eye creams.
3) Luxury line – the line for demanding customers. The line includes snake venom extract cream and Collagen Special with Elastin.
4) Special products – include Brossage gel – an excellent abrasive, acne-stop gel – preparation against acne, and finally our specialty – Collagen gels. We offer them, probably as the first one, by skin type. This means collagen for dry skin, collagen for oily skin, and special collagen – designed for mature skin. We flexibly respond to new raw materials on the market and develop new, high quality products to keep our established standard.

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