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Series: Ludwig Selection (quality wines), Ludwig XX. (late harvest and cuvée), Ludwig Culinary (selections of grapes), Ludwig Gold Edition (straw and ice wines), Archive Cellar (selected years of attributive wines)

Company name: Vinařství Ludwig s.r.o.

Apart from their variety pure aroma and taste, the wines attract also with their labels; labels from natural cork are designated for the top series, while for cuvée Inflagranti it is even a wooden label. Grapes for attributive wines are picked by hand, fermentation takes place at controlled temperatures.

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Product/service description

Ludwig INFLAGRANTI late harvest – prestigious cabernet-type cuvée; 1972 numbered bottles have been made
Ludwig XX. Riesling/Aurelius late harvest – cuvée of fresh Riesling and aromatic Aurelius
Ludwig Chardonnay barrique late harvest – full wine with a taste resembling butter biscuits
Archive Cellar Pinot Gris late harvest – extractive wine with an aroma of fresh bread and a spicy taste
Ludwig XX Cabernet Moravia late harvest – wines with residual sugar with a distinctly fruit aroma
Ludwig André barrique late harvest – the most successful wine at competitions and sales with an aroma of sour cherries in chocolate
Archive Cellar Dornfelder late harvest – a very dark colour and district final taste of plums
Ludwig VOC Blue Mountains Frankovka rosé – raspberry colour and taste of one of the first rosé wines of original certification
Ludwig Gold Wallachian Riesling selection of raising – honey golden wine with candy fruit taste

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