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Sun visors, headrests, seat cushions, handgrips for gear levers, fillers and boxes
Surface treated textiles
Inflatable cores for bed mattresses, boats, kayaks, rafts, rescue systems

Company name: GUMOTEX, akciová společnost

Inflatable cores for bed mattresses Automotive industry - sun visors, headrests, seat cushions, handgrips for gear levers, fillers and boxes Textiles with surface treatment of rubber- and plastic-based mixtures Inflatable boats, kayaks, shifts, rafts

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Product/service description

The main lines of business of GUMOTEX, a joint-stock company, include the processing of polyurethane foams and the manufacturing of semi-products and products made of them, the manufacturing of OEM components, particularly for car interiors, manufacturing of inflatable cores for bed mattresses, rubber mixtures, surface treatment of textile and other materials by rubber of special mixtures, manufacturing of sport inflatable products, deck chairs, boats and ships, manufacturing of rescue system elements and special products.
Furniture industry (inflatable cores for bed mattresses)
Automotive industry (sun visors, headrests, seat cushions, handgrips for gear levers, EPP (expanded polypropylene) fillers and boxes, seals and cut out parts)
Textile industry (surface treated textiles with rubber- or plastic-based mixtures, protective clothing)
Sports and leisure time (inflatable boats, kayaks, ships, and rafts)
Others - special products for rescue systems

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