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Universal plastic linings into tanks for fuel and other chemicals.

Company name: ETK s.r.o.

Production, installation, and servicing of universal linings into storage tanks (petrol, diesel, biodiesel, ethanol, rape oil aliphatic acid methyl esters, and other chemical substances). The solution that will change a single-shell tank into a double-shell tank easily and quickly according to applicable standards.

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Product/service description

The reconstruction of a tank is based on adding a plastic lining as a second full-valued shell so that there is intermediate space between both shells. The intermediate space is continuously monitored by an under-pressure or overpressure leak detector which prevents contamination of the environment in time.
The main advantages are easy and quick installation and maintenance and reasonable prices. By using our system, the modernization of a tank can be performed in a day, without any construction work, without decontamination of the original environment or disposal of the old tank, and while the other tanks are in continuous operation. In the case of repairs, the flexible foil is removed, the tank or foil is repaired and, in several hours, the tank is in operation again.
ETK is a holder of certificates for this technology issued by the Physical-Technical Testing Institute Ostrava-Radvanice and the Institute for Testing and Certification Zlín, which guarantee the material quality. This system fully meets EU standards (EN 13 160).

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